Free tarot spreads for you to use to improve your tarot practice, find inspiration and gain insights into yourself and the world around you.

Why are they all free?!

A lot of other websites charge a fee to view their directory of tarot spreads. This is not something I want to do as I feel this information should be shared and enjoyed by all. I create all of these spreads with so much love and intention as a gift from me to you. I hope you enjoy!

Do you want to give back?

Some people have reached out to thank me for sharing my tarot spreads and asked how they can contribute or donate. Of course donating is not necessary whatsoever but of course it is very appreciated. I accept donations via PayPal as it is secure and easy to use.Please feel free to comment, email or tag me on Instagram if you try any of the following spreads to let me know how they worked for you!

Tarot Spread Topics

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Short Daily/Weekly Spreads
Simple Daily Spread
Week Ahead
Month Ahead
Before Bed
Dreamy Tarot Spread
Allowing Yourself to Bloom
Morning Contemplation
Refresh Your Routine
Your Frequency: Daily Spread
Manifesting – 4 Card Tarot Spread
Managing Your Life 

Connecting with the Divine
(Spirit Guides, Angels, Higher Power, etc.)
Spirit Guides
Trusting the Universe
Spiritual Space Clearing
Connecting with Spirit Guide
Help from Spirit Guides
Channeling Spirit Guides
Angel Guidance
Decoding Messages
Nature is Calling
Mediumship: Conversation With a Loved One
Connecting to Your Pendulum
Listening to Spirit: Connecting with the Divine
Talking with Spirit – Mediumship

Increasing Self-Love
Channeling Your Divine Gifts
Honoring the Divine Feminine
Honoring the Divine Masculine
Embracing Your Inner Child
Healing Your Inner Child
Heart Expansion: Listening to Your Heart
Channeling Your Gentle Side
Self Care: Checking In with Yourself
Cozy Day

Your Journey & Potential
Golden Ratio - Journey to the Centre of Yourself
Insights to Your Journey
Exploring The Subconscious
Unlock Your True Potential
Self-Improvement & Awareness
The Secret Garden Within
Standing in Your Power (Improving Confidence)
Reconnect with Your Soul
Resilience: Keep Showing Up
Lightworker: Understanding Your Gifts
Tune in to Higher Frequency
Becoming Your Best Self
Answering Your Calling: Listening to Your Truth
Next Soul Lesson: Spirit Journey
Spiritual Bypassing
Soul Work
The Repeating Lesson
Psychic Abilities
Spiritual Breakthrough

Creativity & Inspiration
Unleash Creativity
Finding Life’s Purpose
Clearing & Amplifying Your Energy
Finding Your Passion
Channeling Your Divine Gifts
Seeking Inspiration

Law of Attraction
Manifest Your Desires
Manifesting Abundance
Law of Attraction

Career & Finance
Mindful Consumption - Spending Less
Chasing Your Dreams
Financial Success: Creating a Better Relationship with Money
Career Shift
Impostor Syndrome: Understanding & Overcoming

Healing & Health
Emotional Baggage
Releasing Trauma
Healing Your Inner Child
Improving Eating Habits
Heal the Emotions Causing Physical Pain & Illness
Cleansing the Soul
Confronting Your Shadows: Surrendering to Truth
Listening to Your Physical Body
Examining Your Mental Health
Feeling the Feels
Improving Sleep
Nostalgia: Releasing an Emotional Blockage
Feeling Sick: Cause & Healing
Mental Health

Change & New Experiences
New Adventures
Travelers Edition
Making the Right Decision
Making Sense of the Unexpected
Leaving the Past Behind
Moving Forward
Times of Uncertainty
Inviting Change
Something is Missing
Assessing the Need for Change
Decision Making: Is This Serving Me?
Trust Your Gut
How I’m Changing
The Next Phase: Clarity on Your Journey
Should I Move ?

Mindfulness & Stress Relief
4 Card Anxiety & Stress Relief
Correcting Bad Habits
Coping with Burnout & Fatigue
Stress Relief
Overcome Procrastination
Why Am I Sad - Shades of Blue
Facing Life’s Challenges
Seeing the Bigger Picture
Feeling Frustrated
Embracing the Now (Mindfulness)
Releasing Tension
Living in the Moment: Being Present
Stressful Situation: Feeling Overwhelmed
Facing Fears
Aligning with Gratitude
Clearing Your Head

Time of Year & Lunar Focused
Winter Solstice
Full Moon
Full Moon Magic
New Moon
Solar Eclipse
Changing Seasons
Halloween: Trick or Treat
New Year (Chakra Inspired)
New Year: Astrology Inspired
Past Year Reflection
Embracing My Period: The Sacred Womb

Birthday Spreads
Birthday Reading
Greatest Birthday Reading

Love & Relationships
5 Love Languages
All About Love
Improve the Way You Accept Love
Evaluating Relationships
Improving Relationships
Soulmate Reading
Expressing Love: Improve Your Connection with Others
5 Tips for Manifesting a Soulmate & Tarot Spread
Attracting a Healthy Relationship

Helping & Supporting Others
Better Understand Others
Offering Support & Guidance

Chakra Focused Spreads
Root Chakra Balancing & Clearing
Root Chakra
Sacral Chakra Balancing & Clearing
Sacral Chakra
Solar Plexus Balancing & Clearing
Solar Plexus Chakra
Heart Chakra Balancing & Clearing
Heart Chakra
Throat Chakra Balancing & Clearing
Throat Chakra
Third Eye Balancing & Clearing
Third Eye Chakra
Crown Chakra Balancing & Clearing
Crown Chakra
7 Chakras
Chakra Clearing

Astrology Inspired Spreads
Astrology Inspired: Fire Signs
Astrology Inspired: Earth Signs
Astrology Inspired: Air Signs
Astrology Inspired: Water Sign

Ancestry & Past Lives
Exploring Past Lives
Confronting Past Lives & Mending the Soul
Ancestry: Connection & Healing

Dream Analysis
Exploring a Dream

Understanding Animals
Animal Whisperer
Relationship with Pets

Deck Interviews
The Deck You Hate
Tarot Deck Interview

Finding a Lost Item
Relationship with Food
Relationship with Social Media