Tarot Spread - Nostalgia: Releasing an Emotional Blockage


I have been itching to create this nostalgia tarot spread for you!

A few weeks ago I kept feeling nostalgic, which is something I don't experience often. I personally don't enjoy the feeling of nostalgia because it tends to make me feel sick.

If you are like me and nostalgia makes you feel sick or uneasy - there is likely a reason. It's probably that the memory reminds you of a time that you tie to a negative emotion. This could be something simple like an embarrassment or something more severe like a traumatic experience.

I wanted to create a tarot spread that would help you dive into why this blockage is there and hopefully help you move toward experiencing nostalgia in a more positive way. Or at the very least, to help you become more conscious of your past experiences and emotions.

For some more context on nostalgia here are two articles I found:

This one discusses the etymology of the word nostalgia & why it can feel painful.

This one explains how Hollywood uses nostalgia to manipulate us.