Tarot Spread - Mediumship: Conversation With a Loved One


As some of you may know, Mediumship is one of my greatest strengths. I have an effortless time connecting with the deceased and it comes very naturally to me.

The irony of it is that I don’t particularly enjoy mediumship as there are so many questions about life after death. I often feel quite bizarre when I’m able to tell someone all about a past loved one - knowing their name, details about their physical appearance, noting their personality. I always question where that information flows from and I have a strange stance on if those loved ones are really there. I think my beliefs fall somewhere between Angelic/Divine Beings and Multidimensional Beings. Is a part of their multidimensional spirit what’s communication while another portion of their spirit is elsewhere? Perhaps.

Regardless of what actually happens upon death, in some way or another I have seen that myself and others can communicate with those who have passed.

I personally have never used tarot to connect with loved ones as my abilities don't require divination tools and instead I use claircognizance to connect. But with a recent passing of a family member and many requests - I decided it was time. So here it is. It's a fairly short and simple spread for having a conversion with someone who has passed on.

I want to remind you to set your boundaries when connecting with passed loved ones. Be mindful to set intention to attract beings of Light and Love. Be strong and vocal about the fact that you do not want to communicate with anyone other than ____ (insert name of loved one).Feel free to light incense or candles as a way to communicate and any other divination tools that you think will heighten your conversation. Be mindful to listen to the ideas that pop into your head and try to let go of the tarot card meanings. Allow yourself to diverge from the card placements I've listed in the image and ask any questions you feel guided to.

I hope that this tarot spread will act as a stepping stone to a greater conversation.