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Readings are closed for an undetermined amount of time. I will be dedicating more time to working on ebooks for you!

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1 Card Tarot Reading

Have a question you want answered? Sometimes 1 tarot card is all that's needed.

Full Spread Tarot Reading

Did you want to try one of my tarot spreads but aren't sure how to do it? No problem, I'll do all the heavy lifting with this one!

1 Card Oracle Reading

Oracle cards are a great way to get specific answers in depth. One card can often open many doorways for further exploration.


Free E-book: Habits & Routines - Tarot Spreads & Workbook

In this free e-book we will work toward creating new routines in our life. Working toward bettering ourselves, getting out of a rut, becoming motivated and stepping out of our comfort zones will be explored.