Tarot Spread - Tune in to Higher Frequency


Tuning in to higher frequency... what does this mean? 


Tuning in to higher frequencies (like 4th or 5th Dimension consciousness) doesn't require a ton of work from us - we don't need to figure out the secrets of the universe or move to a new planet. Actually, we don’t see any massive changes outside of ourselves like an apocalypse or the world ending (as people have previously hypothesized).

These higher frequencies or other dimensions are a “new” reality that many of us are waking up to and ascending upon. I use the term "new" loosely as these higher dimensions have always existed but our awareness has only recently begun to perceive them. Think of this like getting a stronger prescription for your glasses that improves your eyesight.  Each dimension vibrates at a higher rate and pulls back the veil of perception more and more. Think of this as having a birds eye view of a situation instead of an ants view - these different perceptions are similar to the different dimensions. Higher frequencies encourage us to tune into unconditional love, harmony, peace and heightened spiritual abilities.  We move from a place of valuing the material (matter) to a place where we can observe (mind) and experience life through a clearer lens.

We have the potential to move toward a higher vibration but we need to recognize in order to shift and allow for this integration, there are steps we need to take and a level of self-awareness, healing and acceptance that must occur.I created this tarot spread in pastel colors because tuning into higher frequencies allows us to perceive our upper chakras (yes, it all ties together and yes, we have more than 7 chakras). Those upper chakras are pastel - unlike our first 7 chakras that are in the primary color family.

I chose a 6 card reading as the 6th card in tarot is the Lovers and it seemed appropriate to incorporate some elements of that card. The Lovers symbolizes understanding others and connection. It also represents thoughtfulness in personal beliefs & philosophy - which is something I want to inspire with this tarot spread and discussing the topic of higher frequencies. I never want to push anyone to a certain ideology but I love sharing my own personal experiences as I see them as truths and therefore believe that everyone has the potential to see those truths as well. The Lovers begs us to make ethical decisions and find our own truths - which ties perfectly to this topic.