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Tarot Spread - Connecting to Your Pendulum

I’ve created this short tarot spread to help you connect with your pendulum before a reading.You can use your pendulum in many ways... on it’s own, alongside other divination tools and even after dreams or meditations to gain clarity. Of course, the options are endless so feel free to be creative in how you choose to use this tarot spread!

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Tarot Spread - Tune in to Higher Frequency

Higher frequencies encourage us to tune into unconditional love, harmony, peace and heightened spiritual abilities.  We move from a place of valuing the material (matter) to a place where we can observe (mind) and experience life with a clearer lens. 

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Tarot Spread - Clearing & Amplifying Your Energy

I've been feeling inspired to purify. Perhaps it's because spring is near and I'm itching to clean out the stagnant energy that always seems to fill my life during the cold winter months. I wanted to create a spread that focuses on our own energy AND the energy around us. I hope you guys find this spread helpful as we shift into the spring season! 

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