Exploring the Chakras: Heart

The fourth chakra, the heart chakra, is geared toward giving and receiving unconditional love to everyone and everything, the Self included. This chakra also influences our ability to cope with sadness, abandonment and death.

The heart chakra vibrates the color green and its element, interestingly enough, is air. The human heart is so closely tied to the lungs – where oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged in the same way that love is – by giving and receiving.

When this chakra is out of balance or blocked, we sometimes see:
↠ Unable to give or receive unconditional love
↠ Unworthiness
↠ Heart and lung conditions
↠ Breast cancer
↠ Selfishness
↠ Jealousy
↠ Hate
↠ Grief
↠ Loneliness
↠ High or low blood pressure

When properly balanced and active, we see people who are:
✻ Able to fully express love for self and others
✻ Compassionate
✻ Generous
✻ Empathetic
✻ Tolerant
✻ Engaged

Food to help balance this chakra: Since the heart chakra vibrates green – green colored food is especially great for raising the vibration, luckily healthy green food is very easy to find.⋯ Kale, broccoli, spinach, chard, cabbage, cauliflower, sage, basil, parsley and green tea⋯

Crystals:  Emeralds, Rose Quartz, Watermelon or Green Tourmaline, Jade, Moss Agate, Aventurine, Rhodonite

Affirmation: I give and receive love effortlessly and unconditionally.

Mantra:   I LOVE

Questions to explore:
⊱ Are you worthy of accepting love from another person?
⊱ Do you love yourself as much as you love those around you?
⊱ Is it easy for you to forgive others? Even after you feel hurt by them?
⊱ How often do you express your feelings to other people?
⊱ Do you feel uncomfortable when someone gives you a gift or a compliment?