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Tarot Spread - Next Soul Lesson: Spirit Journey

Thanks to some brilliant channeling from a beautiful friend of mine - she advised me to focus on the next soul lesson to help me find out my next step in life. Rather than spending too much energy focusing on where I'm directing my next step, she encouraged me to focus on the why - the reason behind the next step... the lesson that accompanies it.

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Tarot Spread - Channeling Your Gentle Side

Whether you're familiar with tapping into your gentle side or you're more like me and it's a bit of a challenge to be gentle, this tarot spread moves past just simply being gentle and allows us to visit that part of ourselves that sometimes gets lost due to ego and our human experience. 

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Tarot Spread - Heart Chakra

I encourage you to do this tarot spread with yourself in mind. Ask how you can improve your self-love and how you can begin to forgive yourself.  This will be an important step in your journey of clearing your heart chakra. 

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