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Tarot Spread - Nostalgia: Releasing an Emotional Blockage

If you are like me and nostalgia makes you feel sick or uneasy - there is likely a reason. It's probably that the memory reminds you of a time that you tie to a negative emotion. This could be something simple like an embarrassment or something more severe like a traumatic experience.

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Tarot Spread - Resilience: Keep Showing Up

Resilience doesn't mean stone-cold, it doesn't mean avoidance or lack of vulnerability. On the contrary it means we bounce back, we feel fully, we accept what is, we surrender and we continue. I hope this tarot spread is useful to you when you're looking to channel your resilience.

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Tarot Spread - Channeling Your Gentle Side

Whether you're familiar with tapping into your gentle side or you're more like me and it's a bit of a challenge to be gentle, this tarot spread moves past just simply being gentle and allows us to visit that part of ourselves that sometimes gets lost due to ego and our human experience. 

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