Tarot Spread - Relationship with Social Media

relationship with social media.png

At this point we have all probably questioned our relationship with social media. Is it beneficial to us? Do we enjoy it? Does it cause us stress? My answer to all of the above is Yes.

I hated social media for a while when I followed everyone I knew from my hometown that I grew up with.  I found myself constantly comparing myself to their perfectly curated lives and it was exhausting. So a bit over a year ago I deleted my accounts and started fresh. Now on all platforms I mainly follow tarot or spiritual accounts that make me feel happy and my Facebook has very few friends (plus I try to visit that website as infrequently as possible because I hate the news stories).My relationship with social media had to have a serious change when I realized how much joy it was sucking from my life. Now that I've made those changes I do feel better about my social media usage however I still feel inside that I have more change yet to make.

This tarot spread will help us reflect on our relationship with social media. It's important to evaluate how this tool is hindering us & how we can use it to our full advantage.