Tarot Spread - Attracting a Healthy Relationship


Some of you may have noticed that I rarely ever do tarot spreads about love. This is because I am such a firm believer that a healthy relationship is unable to be fostered without first fully working on yourself.I believe that we attract what we emit & we will find someone to vibrationally match us when we're grounded, centered and healthy with who we are.  Attracting that healthy relationship really begins with working on ourselves first. This is why so many of my tarot spreads are about the self & how we can be the best versions of ourselves - once we work toward that we automatically attract good into our lives on all levels (love included!).Anyways, that's enough about my beliefs because I made the perfect valentines spread for attracting a healthy relationship into your life.Some important notes about a healthy relationship:

  1. A healthy relationship can be incredibly messy.It takes a lot of work to get to a place where your relationship is healthy - it isn't just great overnight. There may be times where it doesn't feel very healthy at the beginning while you're figuring things out but if both parties are respectful and willing to work on the relationship (proven through words AND actions), then it has the potential to get to a good place.

  2. A healthy relationship isn't perfect.No relationship is perfect but I think people assume that having a healthy relationship means that there are no flaws whatsoever. This of course, isn't true. There will still be things that you need to work on individually to be a better version of yourself & things that you will need to work on together to create and maintain a healthy relationship.

  3. A healthy relationship requires a LOT of work.Constant communication and willingness from both parties is an absolute must. It sounds easy but it's really a LOT of work to accept your flaws, admit when you're wrong, be as empathetic as possible, be patient, be willing to bend & compromise, etc. etc. etc. As humans who are constantly evolving with a ton of emotions and flaws there will always be work that needs to be done and room for improvement. Both individuals must accept that it the relationship is a journey & not a destination.

Before we dive too deep into HOW to make a healthy relationship work, we need to find someone who is ready, willing and able to embark on that journey... so here is the tarot spread to help you figure out why that person hasn't entered your life yet.