Tarot Spread – Relationship with Food


No matter what our current relationship is with food, there is always room for improvement.

The key to figuring out the foods that works best for your body is through trial and error... but it is also through our intuition. The next time you sit in meditation consider allowing yourself the space to feel and understand what food choices are best for your body.We are all so different in how we digest, store and use food so it's important that we pay attention to how the food itself makes us feel. Just because someone we know feels best eating gluten free, vegan, high carb low fat, keto, whatever - doesn't mean it's going to feel best for you.

This tarot spread will help you explore your relationship with food.
❁ Is eating a sacred practice for you?
❁ Do you consider your meals to be a gift?
❁ Do you prepare your meals with love and kindness?
❁ Do you pay attention to how food makes you feel before you eat it?
❁ Do you pay attention to how food makes you feel after you eat it?

These questions are all necessary to help us identify what our bodies want vs what our minds want (two very different things!).