Tarot Spread - Invest in Yourself


The best advice I’ve soaked up recently has been about investing in ourselves.We need to recognize our own value and worth. If we don’t invest in our own dreams, happiness and future - who will?

Do we invest in our ideas or beliefs? Do we believe in our dreams and allow ourselves the freedom to dream? Do we permit ourselves to live our passions and invest time and energy into projects? If not, why?

It’s easy to say we don’t have time or resources to fully invest in ourselves. We make excuses like, when the kids grow up, when we can save more or when we’re better at it. But it’s important to question why we’re making excuses not to invest in ourselves.

Some examples of things we can invest in:

Health - Feeling good physically opens the door to feeling good mentally and spiritually. The Mind/Body/Soul trinity exists for a reason. Invest in expanding your food budget, doing a workout every day, walking to work, going to the doctor, etc.

Interests - Invest in the things that you have longingly desired. Something you’ve always wanted to do but never pulled the trigger to start. Or maybe there's something you once started but had to set aside.

Time - Wake up early, set aside other projects, dedicate some time to yourself. By getting up 1 hour earlier for a year, you give yourself 6 and a half 40 hour work weeks of investment in yourself. Imagine what you could do with all of that time?

Learning/Education - Read more, go back to school, take a course. Join an online platform like Udemy or Skillshare to enhance your existing knowledge or explore something new.

Your Craft - Is there something you already do that you enjoy or alternatively that you already do quite well? Invest in yourself and hone in on those skills!

Travel - Learning from new cultures, experiencing life outside of your realm of awareness, amplifying your self-awareness. Seeing the world is an investment in itself. Although it often requires finances (often but not always!) and personal freedom of responsibilities.If there is something you feel called to do the Universe will collaborate with you to make it happen.