Tarot Spread - The Deck You Hate


We all have those decks we own but aren't drawn to.

I think it’s fair to say that there is always meaning in the things we have an aversion to. Whether is a type of person that frustrates us, a season we dislike, a colour we don’t choose to wear - the examples are endless.

Everything we dislike (or avoid) in life has something to teach us. This aversion and resistance is our greatest teacher for once we move past the resistance we move to the space of understanding and pure awareness. It’s funny how when we face the things we dislike we often quickly find out that they really “aren’t so bad.”

After this tarot spread, don’t feel bad if you still feel a disconnect from the deck. This tarot spread isn't meant to help you bond with your deck but rather to pull up some feelings as to why it doesn't work with you. Maybe you aren't ready to use the deck.  Maybe your usage with the deck has run its course. Maybe the deck was never meant for you in the first place.

I love filtering things in and out of my life - getting rid of the old and accepting new. It’s a great practice. So if you do have tarot decks (or anything) in your life that you feel has run its course, never hesitate to let them go.

Let's explore why we aren't vibing with a deck!