Musings of Our Human Experience: Depth


I haven't posted a good old fashioned journal-style blog post in way too long.

Today while journaling I got the idea to search for a past July 20th journal entry that I'd written. I found an entry I wrote on this day two years ago - July 20, 2016.

It still resonates with me today although I have not thought about this topic since I wrote it 2 years ago.I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know if it resonates with you too and what thoughts you may have:

How do we know our depth? It is deeper than any ocean and more vast than our universe. Our depth is infinite. The issue is trying to understand that depth with the knowledge we currently have in our physical form. It’s nearly impossible. We see glimpses of our depth but can’t ever quite… understand. We can’t touch it and we can’t fully experience it. It’s too much for us to handle. Our brain capacity would reach a sensory overload. That in itself gives us a real world understanding of how far our depth goes. How deep we go as humans.

Sometimes here on Earth I feel like a shallow being. I have told other people this before and they have replied with something to the extent of ‘but you’re NOT shallow!’ … to me this isn’t enough. That doesn’t give me the comfort or reassurance I'm seeking.

In a sense I still feel so tethered to my True Self. I know that person so well. It’s like they are constantly behind this veil; the veil of dimensions or consciousness. It’s as though sometimes I am speaking to myself from another realm. I can see myself and I can feel myself - almost outside of myself. Sometimes I wonder if my physical body will ever be able to catch up with the fireball of Energy that is guiding it.

Michael Newton suggests that souls choose their human bodies before being born on Earth. He says that for some people the fit into the body of the child can cause discomfort. I have been feeling that discomfort my entire life. I love humans but my Soul is frustrated by them. Frustrated by the slowness… one of my main goals being human is to understand and appreciate patience.

I was with some gifted women a few weeks ago and they were in awe of how quickly the information came to them while giving me a reading. They tapped into my train of thought and felt bombarded by words, images and ideas. I couldn’t help but laugh.

Welcome to the constant bluster inside my mind.."