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Tarot Spread - Answering Your Calling: Listening to Your Truth

Something is speaking to us... something is calling us... we are being inspired to make certain decisions, initiate change, accept what is. I often question, what is it that's calling? Our own free-will, our destiny or predetermined fate, a higher power, a guide?

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Musings of Our Human Experience: Depth

Today while journaling I got the idea to search for a past July 20th journal entry that I'd written. I found an entry I wrote on this day two years ago - July 20, 2016. It still resonates with me today although I have not thought about this topic since I wrote it 2 years ago. I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know if it resonates with you too and what thoughts you may have:

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Tarot Spread - Interview with the Ego

That little voice in our head that speaks to us all the time... What is it saying? Is it helping us reach our highest good or is it perpetuating negative fears like anxiety and worthlessness. I hope this tarot spread inspires you to take a look at the Ego and begin recognizing it more and more. 

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