Tarot Spread - Interview with the Ego


The other day I decided I hadn't done candle magic in a little while.For those who don't know, I am a huge fan of candle magic. I have had incredible manifesting experiences after doing candle magic - from free trips, to thousands of dollars coming my way for no reason.

However I'm not always after material goods (as appreciated and grateful as I am for them) and I always let the Universe decide what my candle magic is going to be geared toward.This time I felt drawn to allow my Wild Unknown Tarot Deck to choose which candle I would use and what the purpose of my ritual would be.I have a candle for every colour of the rainbow but the deck kept choosing white. More specifically, it chose the Ace of Swords.

Since white holds all colours of the rainbow, white candles are often used as a substitute for another candle that you don't have on hand. Seeing as I had all colours I was shocked that white kept coming up and quickly realized it was going to be used for some sort of purifying, cleansing, or truth bringing experience.

A couple of hours after my ritual while having dinner with my twin flame, we began discussing the Ego and fell into a deep rabbit hole of catching the Ego each time it came into our conversation (which was A LOT).

We laughed about how controlling our Egos are and how no matter what our Spirit said in conversation, or Ego had something to say about it.

It told us that the conversation we were engaging in was stupid, useless. It tried to say the other person didn't know what they were talking about. It whispered 'without me (the Ego) you're directionless, you don't stand a chance in society.' 

Continually enforcing the thought that without the Ego we have nothing... no identity whatsoever. All of these things, of course, not being true.

This conversation was incredibly enlightening for us. Inspiring us to step away from the illusion and toward truth. Needless to say, we are both now spending more conscious energy to quiet the Ego and trust the Soul. I once read a fantastic quote that explained thinking vs observing thoughts,"Imagine you are watching a movie. You are completely immersed in the story, the characters and the plot line. For some time, this goes on and you become more and more engaged. Then suddenly for a moment you step back and see that you are just watching a movie. You are in your seat and the movie is playing on its own. This is similar to thinking vs observing thoughts."I think of this analogy all the time. It works perfectly to describe how to observe the Ego without trusting it. We can step back and ask ourselves, "what is the voice in my head saying?"

That little voice in our head that speaks to us all the time... What is it saying? Is it helping us reach our highest good or is it perpetuating negative fears like anxiety and worthlessness. I hope this tarot spread inspires you to take a look at the Ego and begin recognizing it more and more.