Tarot Spread - Financial Success: Creating a Better Relationship with Money


One of you recently reached out to me and asked to create a spread regarding money so here it is!

I have created quite a few spreads about the law of attraction, abundance, and manifesting but I don't think I've ever created a spread with specific words like Money or Finances. There is a reason for this!Instead of always focusing on the fact that you don't have enough money, I want my spreads to help you envision more of what you DO want in your life.

When I first created this tarot spread I called it 'financial stress' only to realize that's just fueling the fire of having stress in your relationship with money. Instead I've changed the language from STRESS to SUCCESS.

The language you have regarding money, your thoughts on it, how you feel about it, what success means to you, your level of self-love & feeling deserving of financial success... all of these factors affect how money will come and go in your life.