Tarot Spread - Soulmate Reading


Sometimes we are blessed to have people enter our lives that we intuitively know are our soulmates.

They don't always come in the form of a romantic relationship (and often don't), but they are just as special to us as our romantic partners. Perhaps we get the feeling that we've known them for lifetimes, we have similar interests, we're on the same path as them, we can connect in a way that feels deeper than with most other people.

It's kind of like when someone who has never been in love before asks what it's like to be in love. The universal answer: you'll just know.

There are times when our relationships with these people are easy. They are like angels in our lives and our relationship with them always reflects that. But more often, these soulmates pose problems in our lives. They show us sides of ourselves we don't like, they behave in ways that we don't agree with. They have the potential to make us feel so good which is why when they hurt us (for one reason or an other) it hurts so bad.

I've been lucky enough in this lifetime to meet a few of my soulmates. People who have crossed my thin line of love and hate many times... but in the end, when they are a healthy version of themselves & I'm a healthy version of myself - we can have an absolutely beautiful relationship that feels like pure magic.

I wanted to create a tarot spread that feeds into the story of my soul connection to these people.  Of course, this is just a story we tell ourselves and the reason behind our soul connection doesn't really matter, but I thought it would be fun to do regardless to see if any interesting coincidences or synchronicities came up in my readings.

In the tarot spread, for position #4 to describe your soul contract - I encourage you to pull as many cards as you feel are required to tell this story.