Tarot Spread - Nature is Calling


Do you hear the call of the wild?

Do you think about nature when you're away from it?

Do you ever miss it as you would a friend?

How refreshing it is to spend time in nature.

Although to many of us it is not always easily accessible or prioritized. Some of us live in big cities and we believe we don't have a copious amount of free time to dedicate to the wild... what a mistake that is.

I've had many times where I've been stressed or anxious and I've felt the call to nature. It can be so loud that it becomes unavoidable and I have to schedule time to spend outdoors. I never regret my time spent in nature.

Restorative, peaceful, silent... filled with the highest vibration, nature is fantastic.

If you're hearing the call of the wild - it's time to answer.