Tarot Spread - Expressing Love: Improve Your Connection with Others


Loving others is easy when we move past the mind and into the heart centre. We are filled with so much love to give and share yet sometimes it can feel like a challenge to express our love.

This tarot spread will help you express how you're feeling to others and also help you work on your personal connections.  It can feel like we have a great relationship with others but when we examine our behaviour we can always find room for improvement.

❀ Do I give this person as much as they give me? (emotionally, spiritually, materially)
❀ Do we actively listen when others are speaking?
❀ Do we go out of our way to show we care?
❀ Do we make an effort to understand their actions, even if they're different than our own?
❀ Are with honest with those around us, even if that means saying No?
❀ How do we show someone that we value our relationship?
❀ When was the last time you told someone how you really feel about them?

Whether it be with your romantic partner, family member, friend, coworker or a stranger this tarot spread will help you consider the way you express your love to others.