Tarot Spread - Soul Work


To people outside of the spiritual community the term Soul Work sounds so pretty. The words themselves roll off the tongue like this eloquent dance we might imagine when we think of what soul work entails.  Soul Work... ahh some might imagine a nice deep breath in a fancy yoga pose, some eccentric clothing, incense burning, new age music playing softly on Alexa, some divination tools maybe.

However, for those of us within the spiritual community the words Soul Work practically burn our ears. I swear every time I hear those words I can hear a shrill blood-curdling scream from somewhere in the depths of my being.

Those words remind me of waking up from a nightmare and thinking you're safe... but when you finally fall asleep again you're plunged back into the same nightmare! Although you're asleep there's this tiny conscious part of you that whispers, "oh no...not again."

We can collectively agree that although soul work can be difficult it is the key to making groundbreaking progress of our development. Because we riffle through the depths of our being and analyze, explore and accept what makes us tick & why - it also allows us space to make positive changes.

As I am writing this blog post the most beautiful black crow came and sat on my window. It looked straight into my eyes before it flew away. This symbol comes to remind us of the great mysteries of life. The crow is closely related with death & for those of you who read tarot, you know exactly how the death card & soul work tie oh so beautifully together.

Anyways, enough rambling here... let's get to work.