Tarot Spread - Resilience: Keep Showing Up


I have played witness to a lot of resilience lately - continuing to show up regardless of how difficult a situation may be.Bad things happen - grief, trauma, illness, stress... and yet we are still here. Sometimes things seem like they aren't going to get better or that they can't get any worse... but we're still here.

Facing adversity, meeting challenges head on, continuing to try no matter how hard it is - these are actions that I have been noticing in a lot of people around me. They aren't always grand heroic situations (although they are at times) but they are resilient nonetheless.

There are some famous quotes along the lines of, "The only real failure is the failure to try" and this is true in many sense of the words. Trying doesn't always have to be a dramatic decision to alter your life or take a leap of faith. Sometimes trying is just putting on a smile or getting out of bed. No matter where we are in life we need to celebrate and acknowledge our resilience. As humans it is one of our greatest strengths - it adds to our fragility and that's what makes it so beautiful when we continue to show up, when we continue to fight, when we continue.Resilience doesn't mean stone-cold, it doesn't mean avoidance or lack of vulnerability. On the contrary it means we bounce back, we feel fully, we accept what is, we surrender and we continue. I hope this tarot spread is useful to you when you're looking to channel your resilience.