Tarot Spread - Month Ahead


New Month - New Me! ;)

I don't normally pull tarot spreads for the month ahead. For some reason I felt inspired to do so today. Maybe because this past month has felt a bit rocky or maybe we can blame the stars, but either way, I felt like doing a spread to see what was in store next month.

I wasn't going to share this tarot spread as I created it solely for my own personal practice but you guys always surprise me by liking the spreads I'm not expecting you to like so I figured why not share :)

I included a few optional cards related to various aspects of life beneath the reading itself. Feel free to use the ones listed as inspiration for your own readings depending on what is relevant in your life.

Also, since I'm sharing this tarot spread anyways... when I created this tarot spread I also wrote down some affirmations on pieces of paper and put them around my home (ex. above my bathroom sink, above the lock on my door). I love writing positive affirmations as a way to remind myself to be the person I want to be. They're a reminder that I am a conscious creator of my life. Here is what I wrote (feel free to use it if you feel called to!):

My mind, body, spirit is the epitome of good health. I accept myself as I am. I accept others as they are. I enter each situation with loving kindness, compassion & an open heart chakra. My actions align with my values. I am whole. I am happy.