Tarot Spread - Spiritual Bypassing


Oh Spiritual Bypassing... how many of us know it so well?

Here's a nice quote I found online in case you want a refresher on the term:"[...] Coined in the early 1980s by psychologist John Welwood, refers to the use of spiritual practices and beliefs to avoid dealing with uncomfortable feelings, unresolved wounds, and fundamental emotional and psychological needs.”(If you want more, this quote is from a good article on the topic, you can find it here.)

When I started my spiritual journey nearly a decade ago (feeling old now) I was the absolute master of spiritual bypassing. I had convinced myself that due to my spiritual enlightenment I knew it all, I had it figured out, my problems were solved.

I almost consider the first chapter of my spiritual awakening to be barely an awakening at all. It was very shallow, egotistical, materialistic - all the ick. Regardless, it had to happen.Eventually I realized the spiritual bypassing I was engaging in and finally sat down to face myself. It hurt. It was gross. It was painful. And to be honest, I'm still in that place of facing myself. I don't think I've ever left that place of rediscovering my spirituality & I don't ever plan on leaving it. I now understand how we are students our entire lives.With that said, I still want to challenge myself when it comes to spiritual bypassing. I know that I will trick myself time and time again to believe I'm taking steps forward when I'm actually just avoiding, putting overemphasis on the positive, avoiding feeling negative emotions, etc... I'm okay with that. I know that I'm not perfect but I want to be accountable for my spiritual progress so here we are with a tarot spread.

This tarot spread certainly packs a punch & may call you out if the time is right. Not for the faint of heart but it will certainly help you with your spiritual evolution!