Tarot Spread - Connecting to Your Pendulum


The other day I had someone ask me how I use my pendulum.  This sparked a new tarot spread idea (as do most things!)... so here we are.I typically use my pendulum for Yes/No answers.  I find it helpful to ensure that I'm on the right track when doing predictive channeling.  I know that predictive readings have become a bit "taboo" with the rise and popularity of tarot (and "new age spirituality" or whatever you'd like to call it) but we must not forget that this gift is available to many of us who choose to explore it.  It is ironic that with the popularization of "new age spirituality" we have to walk this very thin line of being "scientific" while avoiding any "pseudoscience" as not to offend those who do not accept that life exists beyond our human capacity to understand & our current scientific models... but I'm getting a bit off topic here so forgive me.I find accompanying the pendulum with other divination tools especially helpful for readings I do on myself because my personal wants & wishes can get in the way of reading accurately for myself (one of the main reasons it's so hard to read for ourselves).  It can be difficult to see past our own desires when reading tarot to hear what the cards are actually saying. Same goes for intuitive readings in general - sometimes we only see what we want to see.  To help myself move past this I have taken to using the pendulum when doing readings on myself. I've found this especially helpful for predicting timelines and having clear conversations with Spirit that flow quite nicely

.I’ve created this short tarot spread to help you connect with your pendulum before a reading.

You can use your pendulum in many ways... on it’s own, alongside other divination tools and even after dreams or meditations to gain clarity. Of course, the options are endless so feel free to be creative in how you choose to use this tarot spread!