Your Frequency: Daily Spread


After my morning meditation I have been doing this short 3 card tarot spread. Although it's a short one, I wanted to share it with you in the event you feel called to do the spread as well.Lately I've been trying to raise my vibrational frequency. For this reason I find this tarot spread very helpful for me as a quick way to check-in. It helps me to see what I need to be aware of for the day & how I can allow for more positivity and abundance.

Inspired by the Law of Attraction, this 3 card tarot reading is an easy way to check-in with yourself and the energy you’re currently putting out into the world. Are you feeling like you’re attracting bad things? Is there something you’re really hoping for? Do you feel intuitively that something is meant to be happening but nothing seems to be? This tarot reading will help you understand what you’re putting out in the world & what’s being returned to you.