Tarot Spread - Aligning with Gratitude


I always know that I'm doing well in life when I spend time feeling grateful for what I have.I notice during times of high anxiety or when my mental health takes a nosedive that I stop feeling grateful for what is. I start looking toward the past or the future to find comfort but in doing so I only find chaos.

When I catch myself focusing on events that don't exist in front of me, I try to bring myself back to gratitude. This practice stimulates a grounded internal energy and makes it easier to find stillness & happiness in the current moment.  Gratitude helps my energy slow down, balance and reset - which is extremely valuable.I hope this tarot spread will be useful to you when you are looking to find peace in the present. Gratitude does so much for us. It opens us up to bliss, improves our mental health, allows for better sleep, aids our relationships, helps us be less aggressive, makes us more empathetic, and more (seriously, it's scientifically proven)!