Tarot Spread - Heart Expansion: Listening to Your Heart


How many of us ignore what our heart wants in favor of our mind?

It can be easy to disregard the heart because it isn't always as loud as the ego/mind chatter that we often primarily listen to.

The heart requires stillness and patience. It needs us to stop and ask. Sometimes it can even be helpful to physically put our hand on our heart, even just for a few moments, to remind it that it is valued and that we are listening.

I wanted to create a tarot spread that prompts us to begin living more from the heart. As per every journey, we will stray and fall off course, but I hope this spread will be there when you feel inspired to once again shift your awareness to your heart space.

How to listen to your heart

❀ Sit in silence
Meditate, relax, lay down, sit in quiet room. Answers don't come when the mind is busy and moving quickly.

❀ Quiet the rational mind
It can be hard but ignoring your logic is often the most important step. Forget about what seems like the best idea. Forget about your future plans and how you think things should look. Imagine you had no responsibility to anyone but yourself. What would you do if money was no object, you did not need to care for others, no need to pay bills or save for the future? These are the types of things you need to let go of when listening to your heart. It can be scary but forget the rules you've set for yourself and move beyond them (you can always come back to them & you will!).

❀ Ask your heart
What does my heart want when I let go of all other expectations?

❀ Let it out
Release it in a way that feels good to you. Perhaps that's through writing in a journal, poetry, songwriting, illustrating - any form of creative expression can help explain what the heart is wanting. If you don't know what form of creative expression works best for you try journaling - type or write your feelings quickly without thought. Answer some writing prompts to get you going and you might be surprised with what comes out.

❀ Acknowledge what feels good
What feels right? Making a decision from the heart will always leave you feeling positive and full. It might still be scary but there will be a part of you that knows it's your truth. There will be a feeling perhaps somewhat related to nostalgia or remembering, a little light inside that is whispering Yes!

❀ Practice, practice, practice
And then keep practicing. Trusting your heart and silencing the mind is an ongoing challenge but it will get easier the more we practice.