Tarot Spread - Heart Chakra


Embrace unconditional love by balancing your heart chakra.

This 4th Chakra rules love, compassion, forgiveness, trust & empathy.

A balanced heart chakra will allow us to give & receive love in a healthy exchange.  We are trusting of others, relaxed, open and able to express our emotions. We are able to empathize with others and we go with the flow instead of resisting. Our interpersonal relationships run much more smoothly as we have more patience for others but also are able to recognize our own boundaries and self-worth.

When our emotional pain becomes stored in this chakra we can be jealous, defensive, controlling, selfish & guarded. We can be withdrawn from others, afraid of getting too close. We can become out of sync with our own emotions; scared of digging deeper into our feelings, perhaps due to emotional trauma that we've experienced in the past. This makes it very common to put our blinders on to how we're truly feeling and assume that 'everything is fine' when it likely is not.

If you often find yourself seated with your arms crossed (or tend to move to that position in certain circumstances) it can be a good indicator that there is a blockage in this chakra as you are physically protecting this chakra with your arms.

I am a firm believer that when working with the heart chakra we begin with ourselves. When people think of relationships, love and compassion they often think of others and their interpersonal relationships. This is the first mistake. When clearing our Heart chakra we must begin with healing ourselves. Developing a strong sense of self-love and acceptance before we can truly experience unconditional love for others. Improving your self-love will make room for more successful, positive and healthy relationships with others.

I encourage you to do this tarot spread with yourself in mind. Ask how you can improve your self-love and how you can begin to forgive yourself.  This will be an important step in your journey of clearing your heart chakra.