Tarot Spread - Throat Chakra


Throat chakra rules communication, loyalty, truth, wisdom, learning and listening.

With a balanced throat chakra we aren't afraid to speak our truth. We express ourselves in healthy and loving ways. We are humble, honest and transparent with others.  We feel confident in resolving conflict or miscommunications.

An imbalance in this chakra shows itself as an inability to communicate our wants and desires effectively. For some of us it can be difficult to be assertive, share our ideas, or ask for certain needs to be met. We struggle silently; trying to do things on our own without asking for help.

As important as it is to learn how to use your voice, it is equally as important to master how to listen. Some of us love to share our ideas but have no idea how to listen to others. Active listening is a major player in the harmony of this chakra.

Secrecy, telling lies, being overly sarcastic, arrogance, fearing silence, dominating conversation are all habits of someone with an imbalance in this chakra.Your voice and your ideas are important. Learn to use them!