Tarot Spread - Third Eye


The 6th chakra rules imagination, intuition, psychic abilities, wisdom & dreamsWhen this chakra is balanced we see someone who is self-aware. They are calm and clear minded - connected to a state of higher consciousness.  Understanding their place in the 'oneness' of all things, they become more accepting of others.

A balanced third eye chakra improves memory, perception and open mindedness. It allows us see the Truth through the veils of perception and without ego. When this chakra is flowing harmoniously we are often drawn to self-expansion and enjoy activities that improve and heighten our '6th sense' (yoga, meditation, divination).

With a third eye chakra imbalance we see migraines, headaches and even mood disorders or mental health issues. We may have difficulty visualizing, poor memory and learning disabilities. We may experience night terrors or the complete opposite - the inability to recall our dreams. An aversion to intuition and judgment of those who have accepted their spiritual/psychic gifts is also common.

The third eye chakra is the gateway to higher realms. It paves the way to enlightenment and heightens the frequency you emit. When I hear people say all they want in life is to be happy, I immediately think they should begin to open their third eye. It truly is the key to happiness.