Tarot Spread - Crown Chakra


The 7th chakra - the chakra of enlightenment.

The crown chakra is the direct connection between 'us' and the astral realm/higher planes of existence.

Located at the top of our head, this chakra allows us to 'plug in' to what is unseen. It allows the connection with the Divine to flow. We gain a deeper appreciation for ancient teachings, wisdom, and the sacred. We are able to grasp the interconnectedness of our inner realm and external world. We can see the bigger picture and how we fit in to the web of the Universe.

Associated with ecstasy and bliss, this chakra enables us to be our Higher selves.  We are patient and we glide effortlessly along with where life takes us. Spiritually aware and selfless, we want what is best for humanity vs the individual.

Similar to the third eye chakra - an imbalance in the crown chakra can manifest as a hatred or fear of spirituality. There can be a lack of purpose or understanding as to your place on Earth; a disconnect from your Highest self & the Divine.

On the opposite end, when this chakra is overactive we can see someone who is too attached to religion or spiritually - gripping very tightly to their beliefs, unable to see things from a new perspective.

Mental disorders, depression, light & sound sensitivities, dizziness and clumsiness are all physical problems of an imbalance in this chakra.Having faith, seeing the big picture, being more compassionate, understanding the connection to the energetic vortex of higher frequencies & much more, will come when we balance and clear the 7th chakra.

When we find a balance in our chakras and release the attachment that has been built with the ego, we are able to finally live life to the fullest.