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Tarot Spread - Self-Improvement & Awareness

Improving ourselves should always be a top priority in our lives. We all have so much potential, but are we really accessing it? How could we reach new heights and tackle those dreams we feel are out of reach?

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Tarot Spread - Unlock Your True Potential

As a human it can be difficult to remain in a magical state of high vibration... so here's a tarot spread to help you get to a place where nothing is out of reach. I hope this spread inspires you once again to truly taste your purpose for Being.

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Tarot Spread - Coping with Burnout & Fatigue

I have been feeling some burnout from a stressful work week and a packed personal schedule. I recognize that so many of you who do my tarot spreads are healers and spend most of your time in the service of others (wonderful!), so I wanted to share this spread to hopefully help you in times of fatigue or burnout.

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