Tarot Spread - Self-Improvement & Awareness


Improving ourselves should always be a top priority in our lives. We all have so much potential, but are we really accessing it?

How could we reach new heights and tackle those dreams we feel are out of reach?

Similar to my increasing self-love tarot spread, I wanted to do a spread that would inspire a little more self-love, compassion and understanding of ourselves. How are you feeling? Where are you at? What are you avoiding these days? What are some things you could be improving?

Self-improvement doesn't have to be a chore or a stress in our lives, it's a beautiful thing putting in a little bit of work and polishing ourselves up. Especially with Autumn having arrived here in North America, this is the perfect time to shed that old layer of yourself and move forward as the bright light that you are.Let's dive inward! Enjoy!