Tarot Spread - Clearing & Amplifying Your Energy


Time to clean!I've been feeling inspired to purify. Fantasizing about resetting my mind, spirit, physical body, clear my space, repot my plants, charge my crystals, etc.

Perhaps this is the residual energy of the new moon that just passed. Perhaps it's because spring is near and I'm itching to clean out the stagnant energy that always seems to fill my life during the cold winter months. Perhaps a little bit of both.

Regardless of why, I have the urge to open the windows of my soul to allow a fresh cool breeze in. Feeling a very real desire to wake up parts of myself that have been on auto-pilot the past few months and to stir up some movement and change.

I wanted to create a spread that focuses on our own energy AND the energy around us. I hope you guys find this spread helpful as we shift into the spring season!