Tarot Spread - Listening to Your Physical Body


I realize I've created a ton of tarot spreads to encourage listening to our Spirit but I don't believe I've done one that focuses solely on our physical bodies.

My lack of body focused tarot spreads probably stems from my own issues with the human body. I am someone who HATES anatomy and the human body. It disgusts me, scares me and freaks me out. I cannot handle anything to do with health, medicine, blood, body parts - none of it. I wish I knew why,  but it's just something I've never been okay with.

However, about six months ago when I received my Reiki attunement and started learning Craniosacral Therapy I gained a new appreciation and understanding of the human body. Feeling the energy and space that each of our organs hold and how different it feels person to person really opened my eyes. Having my attention (and intention) on a specific body part of another human being made me realize how precious every inch of us is. Even if our bodies are only a temporary vessel we're using while here in this life on Earth - they are sacred.

The gap between soul and body is so small when we're living in this physical human experience. It's crucial that we connect with our vessels and respect them to the highest degree.

Practicing gratitude for our bodies is something many of us forget to do. It isn't until we run into health problems or even a common cold when we realize that we take our bodies for granted.

My intention with this tarot spread is to encourage you to bring your attention to your physical body. We need to get in the habit of asking what it needs, what we can do to help it feel its best and begin honoring it through sickness, health and even those pesky weight gains.