Tarot Spread - Improve the Way You Accept Love


February is here again and that means we need to buckle our seatbelts for the next few weeks to be filled with consumerism masked as LOVE.

But in all seriousness, I figured this would be an appropriate time to share this tarot spread.

It's crucial that before we find the love we deserve we have to be up to that standard and be able to accept that type of love.

I've had countless friends who have met a nice guy who tries to sweep them off their feet by showering them with love and attention. This is the girls dream, the thing that she has built up in her head her entire life, it's finally here - a cute gentleman telling her that he wants to be with her and showing her with his kind actions. And what does she do? She runs.He just isn't right for her, she's turned off, he's too nice.

Now, just because someone is nice to us doesn't mean that we have to accept their love and commit for life. But it is important that we do know how to receive love when it eventually does come from the right person.

Or perhaps the right person is already in your life and you just want to enhance the love you share - this spread is also for you.I am a firm believer that the vibration we emit (our feelings and emotions) attract what we receive in life. If we're down, sad, depressed - negative responses from the universe will come to us. If we're positive, happy, inspired - positive responses from the universe will come to us. Same goes for love and relationships.  We need to be able to meet the relationship we desire vibrationally - how will a healthy relationship appear if we aren't taking care of ourselves?