Tarot Spread - Chasing Your Dreams


I've been seeing a lot of people around me feel inspired this year to take steps toward achieving their dreams.

With the New Year a lot of people feel motivated to make positive changes and this year I've been noticing it more than ever - which is wonderful! But now that we're nearing the end of our first month of the year, I hope that you're still feeling as motivated as you were in December.

Sometimes I have clear inspiration for my tarot spreads. They're either ones that I do for myself that I enjoyed so I want to share or they're ones that I create when empathizing with someone in my life who expressed an area of concern/asked for advice/etc.

However, the odd time I have these spreads come to mind and I have absolutely no idea why. This is one of those spreads! So to whoever I made this for, I hope it helps... You got this!