Tarot Spread - Heal the Emotions Causing Physical Pain & Illness


Book recommendations on the topic:

One fantastic book on the topic that I would recommend is The System for Soul Memory: Using the Energy System of Your Body to Change Your Life by Susan Kerr, it is a new age book with the authors personal spin on the chakra system - but if you can get past that the information she shares is quite interesting, it really invites you to explore your past and how it could be impacting your present.

For a more Buddhist (or dare I say traditional?) philosophy on healing I would recommend The Places that Scare You by Pema Chödrön

I have also been recommended You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay however I have not personally read that one.

For quite some time now I have been a firm believer that our emotions and stress are huge contributors to our physical pain &/or illness.

To a lot of people this concept is too much for them to accept. I completely understand this. It's difficult to accept that something causing you so much physical pain is coming from somewhere inside of you. Does it even make sense that it can only be healed by working through your emotions and that it isn't caused (or perhaps even fully treatable) by external forces? It's a tough pill to swallow (pun intended) and perhaps it isn't always the case but I know that I have experienced and played witness to physical ailments being treated by healing the emotional body.

If you are experiencing pain or illness and you've tried many methods of treatment with little to no results, I invite you to accept that there may be some underlying emotional factors at work. Perhaps diving into your current emotions, past pain, stressors, life choices, environment, etc. may be helpful in finding the root of the problem - even if they seem completely unrelated.When it comes to healing a lot of us immediately shut down saying that nothing that bad has happened to us and others have suffered much worse. Yes, others have suffered worse than us. Yes, some people would not be affected by the things that have hurt us. But that doesn't mean that what we have experienced was not traumatic to us. Dealing with emotions is an individual experience. I invite you to consciously avoid comparing your trauma, sadness, illness, pain to that of others and accept the ways in which your pain is affecting you.

This is a huge topic that I could never fully cover in my blog post alone, especially as I'm not a trained professional. But if you are curious to learn more about how your emotions can cause physical ailments, here is a great blog post from Psychology Today.