Tarot Spread - Morning Contemplation


Setting the tone for the rest of the day upon waking up is crucial.

Although we always have the power to change how our day is going, it's incredibly effective to try to clear our mind and open our heart for the new day ahead.

Affirmations, meditation, stretching, breathing, relaxing - making time for positive moments like these will truly make a difference in our day.I know a lot us say we don't have time to do things. We would do ~blank~ but we're too busy for that, we'd love to do it if we had more time. A solution to this? Make time. If we want to do something, we will find a way to make it happen.

Time will work with us if we respect it. Practice gratitude for the time you are given (even if only moments) and be organized with the time you do have. Don't waste precious time doing things that don't fill you up (aka stop scrolling on social media every morning when you could use that time to do something you actually enjoy!).

Use this tarot spread to help set a positive tone for the day. This is a short and sweet spread that you can sneak in before doing all of the other activities on your day to day to-do list.