Tarot Spread - Animal Whisperer


As an intuitive, communicating with animals comes very easily to me. I can very often sense what they are feeling and what they want. Throughout my childhood I thought these were painfully obvious observations... it was only as I got older that I realized many people have a hard time understand what animals are feeling. Sometimes it can be hard for people to sense very basic things like whether the creature is happy, sad, in pain, tired, want to be left alone, etc..

I have always felt such a deep connection to animals and a strong desire to help them. This is what led me to create this tarot spread. My hope is that you use it as a platform for diving further into your relationships with the non-humans in your life.I strongly believe that animals have so much to teach us, the only real barrier is communication. We need to make more of an effort to get on their level to better understand their wants and needs. It is so important that we recognize how sacred and crucial all life forms are here on Earth and how deepening our connection is beneficial to all of us. They are not on this planet to serve humans for entertainment, comfort, or as food.  Hug your furry (or scaly) friends extra close for me today, they deserve it.

*Note: this tarot spread was created March, 2017 but was revised November, 2018 to reflect new questions and design changes.