Tarot Spread - Listening to Spirit: Connecting with the Divine


If this tarot spread calls to you I must reinforce: it’s always the right time to deepen your connection to Spirit!

The past few weeks I've been making some MAJOR progress with my life path and in turn my connection to Spirit. I have had some beautiful signs and many bizarre synchronicities. I am traveling through all of this change with continued understanding that when things are meant to happen all else falls into place regardless of how impossible it may seem.

It's so much easier said than done but when we trust Spirit to guide us in our decisions we always end up where we're meant to be. Spirit may lead us somewhere that scares us but when we find our inner flame we know that there is no challenge we cannot overcome.

I thank Spirit for the continued guidance.  I hope that this tarot spread helps you deepen your connection to Spirit. Namaste