Tarot Spread - Making Sense of the Unexpected


As per a request from one of my wonderful email subscribers - here is the latest post for better understanding life's curveballs!

Lessons often come in a way that smacks us in the face so we are 100% aware we're facing something we did not predict or anticipate. The bad (obviously) is that we are so prone to dealing with life as WE see fit. We love to think we're in control of our lives and as comforting as that thought can be, it's really what makes us experience so much suffering when life doesn't go as planned (which it rarely does!).

The greatest thing we have to look forward to, when it comes to the unexpected, is looking back and saying "thank goodness."  Thankfully that situation transpired so that ____ could happen. Maybe it's leaving an abusive relationship, meeting the love of your life, finding a passion, moving house, having a child, stumbling into a new career, seeing the world in a different way - the options are endless... but when we think about some of the most unexpected changes that have happened in our life there is often a positive change that happened along with it.

I feel inclined to add that of course, for some things there really isn't an upside. Losing a loved one is a great example of this and that's why the grieving process can be so hard.

Regardless, we still come out of the situation stronger than we were prior.I hope this tarot spread helps you better understand events or situations that have unfolded in your life. My wish is that it brings you closer to fully feeling the emotions (the good & bad) that are tied with the situation, that it helps give you closure and allows you to move on.