Tarot Spread - Exploring The Subconscious


Subconscious - of or concerning the part of the mind of which one is not fully aware but which influences one's actions and feelings.

"Imagine a young farmer sitting in his newly acquired farmhouse, considering what best to plant for the coming planting season. He would most assuredly choose those vegetables that would bear him the most rewards, and once having done that he would then proceed to prepare the soil and make sure he had all the necessary resources available to him for the successful cultivation of his crops.

You are the farmer, your subconscious mind is your land, your fertile soil, and your thoughts are the seeds that will either grow into lush fields of vegetables or strangling, creeping and ugly weeds. That is the nature of the universe; everything starts as a seed, an idea which in time grows into a form, a form chosen beforehand by the creator, the evidence is all around you, no matter where you look. As the creator, you are responsible for controlling the subconscious mind, and when you do so you reap unlimited benefits." - Richard J ONeill

Every so often I wake up to how I'm being controlled by my subconscious. It usually happens when I reach a breaking point and move from observing to realizing.

Perhaps I have less patience than normal, I'm not willing to listen, I say strange things without thinking,  my moods change often, I feel anxious or stressed. I notice all of these behaviours but I find excuses for them (that person annoyed me or anyone would've been stressed in my situation), this is the observing.

Finally I reach a point where I realize that my behaviour is unnecessary and is not helping me be the best version of myself. I accept that there must be something deeper that's bothering me, something subconscious that I have not yet dealt with or accepted.

And so I move to awareness. I can identify what I need to work on and start observing myself and my behaviour as though I were a different person. I activate my empathy and try very objectively to see myself from another persons point of view.

I use simple self-awareness questions like:

✬  How would I feel if someone did that to me?
✬ Which other ways could what I did be interpreted?
✬ Did doing/saying that make me feel good? Did it make someone else feel good?
Once I can see my behaviour from an objective point of view (instead of only from my own emotionally-driven-subconsciously-controlled point of view), I can begin (yet again) to better understand my subconscious.There are plenty of ways to tap into the subconscious but here are a few examples:

  1. Meditate
    Allow yourself to listen in stillness. Notice thoughts or ideas that arise when you're trying to quiet the mind. Observe them and let them go.

  2. Creativity
    Your subconscious will come through when you're channeling your creative juices. Expressing yourself in whatever way feels best to you will help shine a light on the subconscious. Perhaps it's writing a song, playing an instrument, poetry, pottery, art of any kind drawing, doodling, or my personal favorite - journaling.

  3. Dreams
    Pay attention to what you're dreaming about. Are there common themes, messages, symbols, lessons? A dream journal is very helpful for recognizing patterns, it's surprising how easy it is to see patterns when you've written about your dream instead of trying to remember it. Small details or feelings can easily escape you once your day begins so writing down your dreams as soon as you wake up is often the best way to really understand what's been happening in your dream realm.

And of course to help you on your journey to better understand your subconscious I've created a tarot spread (surprise surprise!).  Using your intuition with tarot or oracle cards is a great way to explore your subconscious.