Tarot Spread - The Secret Garden Within


We all have a secret garden within that requires cultivation but can flourish into a bountiful gift. Explore your secret garden with this tarot spread!

Do you remember the novel or film 

The Secret Garden?

I created my spread and then began googling 'secret garden within yourself' to see if anyone else had ever written anything on the topic. To my surprise I found a wonderful

blog post by Wayne Dyer

that perfectly depicted my own feelings toward my tarot spread. Although he is speaking about the novel The Secret Garden, I found his words really resonated, here is a quote from his blog post:

"Mary goes to live with her uncle in the English countryside and, with two new friends, she discovers a lost rose garden that magically heals their lives. The Secret Garden is really about a secret place in each one of us—a place that we can escape to, a place where we can do anything, create anything we want for ourselves. We can make the world come alive, we can create miracles."