Tarot Spread - Assessing the Need for Change


Sometimes days feel longer, life feels stagnant and we don't really know where to go next.

Maybe we feel stuck or alternatively maybe we feel like we need to ground ourselves better, maybe we feel too chaotic. Our inner world may be begging for change but, as we know, change can feel scary. The unknown, the decisions... it can all feel like a lot. Sometimes so much so, we decide that the change isn't worth it at all.

It can be hard to know when it's time to make a change but here are a few questions to ponder about your current life on a daily basis:

  • Do you feel jealous of others?

  • Do you wish you had made different decisions in life? Have any regrets?

  • Do your days feel meaningful?

  • Do you often dream about change in the future (ex. One day I will.... When I have ____ I will...)

  • Do you feel that it's too late to do something different?

  • Are you happy?

This tarot spread will help you assess which area of your life could use a bit of refreshing. Change doesn't have to be a huge shift, it can be something small that makes a big difference in our happiness.