Tarot Spread - New Year: Astrology Inspired


Is this my biggest tarot spread yet?!

Just in time for the new year, settle in for this massive 13 card reading inspired by each Astrological sign.

I got the idea for this tarot spread last year but with the holiday season being so busy I didn't get around to creating it for you (or even for myself!).  I had totally forgotten about the idea until I started working on this tarot spread and had a vague memory that this wasn't the first time I had thought about creating a tarot spread like this.

Each tarot card in this reading can be used to represent the month it correlates with (Capricorn being January, Aquarius being February, Pisces being March, etc.)... so you could look back at your reading each month and really be conscious of implementing the card you chose. For example in January you would look at the card you got to represent starting a new project & really try to do it. You could also pull these cards and not concern yourself with the months at all - pulling each card to represent the year as a whole.

As with everything to do with the tarot, there are no rules! So just read as you feel drawn to.