Root Chakra Tarot Spread


In 2017 I did a tarot series of the 7 main chakras. I recently have been feeling drawn to do another series like this, an updated version if you will, so I polled users on Instagram and all but ONE user said they wanted me to do this series again. I was shocked at how many of you wanted to see another chakra series but I'm happy to do it!

We're beginning this journey at the base of the spine with the very physical and grounding energy of the Root Chakra. A lot of teachings speak of balance and blockages in the chakras. I did a fairly intense 9 month course on the chakras and have worked with them them in my (very basic) reiki and craniosacral therapy training.  Through this practice, in my own meditations, and my own personal work with my charkas I have come to feel more connected to the idea that I HOLD TENSION in this area. I assume this is what teachings refer to when they say blockages but I personally prefer the word tension. I find it more accurately describes the type of energy I feel when there is an issue. I can feel a ball of energy or a physical tightness in the areas that need work. Because this is how I work with the chakras this is the language I'm using in my tarot spreads. If you prefer the word blockage instead of tension, by all means, go with that!