Tarot Spread - Allowing Yourself to Bloom


How helpful a quick reading can be to set our intention and self-awareness for the day.

As part of my own tarot routine I always start my day pulling 3 cards. Seeing as this is a very crucial part of my practice I am surprised that I've made only 1 or 2 other 3-card spreads.

The concept of blooming and growth has been coming up a lot for me recently, in particular the word "bloom" ...not sure why.  Perhaps it is due to the fact I have been yet again diving deep into myself to do some 'rewiring' work and I have been noticing small and subtle growth. I try to take these small steps of change and treat them like major victories for myself... because why not?!

But enough about me... I wanted to share this spread with you to encourage that subtle growth within YOU. Each day it is always in our power to either bloom or wilt. Let's bloom!